1. General information
The following General Sales Conditions shall be applicable to all orders to and deliveries made by Deltasystech. In order to become effective, any deviating terms of the customers must be approved in writing by DeltaSysTech.

2. Prices/Offers/Quotations
Any offer made by Deltasystech is quoted net prices EXW Bucharest (Incoterms 2010) excluding VAT and charges for packaging, in Euro, against the valid Price list. Should any charges or taxes in connection with the delivery be included, these shall be borne by the customer.

3. Order acceptance
Purchase orders must be made in writing with product and terms information and/or Offer/Quotation number indication. The Purchase order is considered accepted by issuing of a formal document – Order confirmation or Proforma Invoice (depends on payment terms offered to a customer) – within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the order. Prices confirmed in the relative Order confirmation/Proforma Invoice must be those of the Price list/Offer/Quotation in force on receipt of the order. Any conditions appeared shall be held invalid if not confirmed in the Order confirmation or Proforma Invoice. Claims relating to the conditions must be submitted upon receipt of the Order confirmation/Proforma Invoice and before the goods are delivered/prepayment received.

Order confirmation must indicate the prices EXW Bucharest (Incoterms 2010), payment terms, delivery terms and shipping date accepted.

Proforma Invoice must indicate the prices EXW Bucharest (Incoterms 2010), payment terms and validity, delivery terms and shipping date accepted, additional charges if required.

Deltasystech shall use its best efforts to make the ordered products available for delivery within two weeks from the date of receipt of the order, or other soonest date depending on stock situation. Delivery time indicated on order confirmation/Proforma Invoice is approximate and is not binding.

For any order, the minimum EXW sum should be not less than 300.00 Eur (except service and accessories orders) to cover the handling expenses. Otherwise, Handling fee 30.00 Eur shall be applied.


4. Order cancellation policy
Any purchase order for goods in progress (excl. goods available at Deltasystech stock) can’t be canceled for any reasons by the Buyer without prior written notice and accept from Deltasystech side. Deltasystech reserves the right to charge the value of the goods at the stage of manufacture at the time of cancellation.

Any purchase order at ready to ship stage could be canceled by the Buyer with prior written notice. In this case re-stocking fee 20% of products value will be charged

5. Delivery
The standard packaging offered by Deltasystech shall be suitable to prevent damage of the goods under normal transport conditions. Seaworthy packaging could be offered under special request and charged additionally.
Standard deliveries are made on EXW Bucharest basis. Other delivery terms borne by the Buyer and accepted by Biosan shall be invoiced to the Buyer. The goods transportation risks shall be covered according to the terms mentioned on Invoice within Incoterms 2010.
In case of damage or loss during transportation, the Buyer must immediately notify the carrier and Deltasystech.

6. Payment Terms
The standard payment terms offered by Biosan are 100% advanced payment and up to 30 days net from the invoice date.
Payment terms shall be a subject to a prior agreement with Deltasystech made considering customer length of cooperation, sales volumes, product range, financial situation, regional situation, etc.
Unless otherwise agreed, payments must be made by bank transfer. All the bank expenses connected with the payments have to be covered by the Customer. Payment completion date is the date of receipt of payment on Deltasystech account.
In the event of any delay in paying Invoice within the terms indicated, all the outstanding debits become due immediately and Deltasystech shall be entitled to terminate current orders until products are paid in advance, and all outstanding debits are paid or obtain payment in advance as a general term for the Buyer without any prior notice.


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