P8000 Series KRUSS


Seria P8000

Special features
• Bright touchscreen display with intuitive operation
• Extreme precision and resolution across the entire measurement range (regardless of rotation angle)
• High resolution LED with 100,000 hour service life
• Interval or continuous measurement possible
• 100 different methods and user tables (individual tables) can be set
• Calibratable temperature sensor
• High light intensity: Measurement and continuous sample readings possible to an optical density of 3.0
• Tough powder-coated metal housing
• Very quiet operation
• Data display of all important settings and measurements
• User management functionality (password-protected) can be activated
• Integral SQL database for data storage
• USB interface for data export and firmware updates and for connecting keyboard or barcode scanner
• RS-232 interface for serial printer
• Ethernet interface for direct connection to a PC (with possibility of remote maintenance via internet)
• PDF-export
• Direct printing possible on a PostScript-enabled network printer
• Full cGMP/GLP capability: password protection, data backup, automatic printout or data output in CSV-format
• Meets the relevant international standards such as Pharmacopoeia, OIML, ASTM
• NIST-compliant calibration certificate
• IQ/OQ/PQ-commissioning possible
• Extremely low maintenance and long life
3 year warranty



Range of applications
Pharmaceutical industry

• Monitoring chemical processes
• Purity control and determination of concentrations
• Characterisation of new synthetic substances
• The analysis of pharmaceuticals complies with Pharmacopoeia, DAB and other national and international standards.
Chemical industry
• Purity control and determination of concentrations
• Analysis of optically-active components
(qualitative and quantitative)
• Determination of changes in the configuration
• Monitoring chemical processes
Sugar industry
• Quality control of original and end product
• Determination of fructose and glucose
• Sugar concentrations in refined beet and cane
sugar, molasses and beet pulp
Food industry
• Determination of concentration
• Purity control
• Quality control

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