Rotary vacuum evaporator RVO 004 is a cost saving variant of INGOS evaporators model line 400. Straightforward design of this evaporator consumes less space than the advanced models and has an easy to use analogue control of rotation speed and bath temperature.
Evaporating flask can be manually immersed by tilting or by vertical positioning with spring aid.

Standard glass assembly can be changed or enlarged upon request. Many configurations of the glass assemblies and wide range of reasonable glass parts and accessories are available.


Rotation speed 20 - 140 rpm.
Evaporating flasks 20ml - 4000 ml
Temperature range standard 35 °C - 95 °C
Temperature accuracy standard ± 5 °C
Temperature range control 100 °C
Temperature accuracy control ± 2 °C
Condensing surface 1200 cm2
Power consumption max. 2000 W
Dimensions with glass assembly (L x H x D) 600 x 950 x 390 mm
User manual RVO004- eng Accesories - eng  

Rotary vacuum evaporator RVO 400 is designed for low-pressure evaporation at the pre-set value of the heating bath temperature and at the pre –defined constant mixing process of the solution to be vaporized.
1. The apparatus is fitted with a digital vacuum control and measuring system. Vacuum ratio is driven by diaphragm vacuum pump control.
2. User comfort assure heating bath equipped with motorized lift and manually tilted rotary casing head.
3. Rotation of the evaporating flask, height of the heating bath, steam temperature , the vacuum ratio and length of evaporation can be digitally set and controlled using the Keyboard or PC. All controlled values can be stored in memories.
4. The apparatus enables you to independently set the gradient temperature and vacuum during evaporation.
5. Standard glass assembly can be adapt or enlarged on request.


Evaporation flasks 20 - 4000 ml
Rotation speed 0, 10 - 280 rpm
Bath temperature max. 100 °C water , max. 180 °C oil
Temperature accuracy <1° up to + 100°C - water, <3 °C up to +180 °C - oil
Pressure measurement absolute
Pressure difference adjustable 1-500 mbar
Power input max. 2000 VA (without vacuum pump)
Dimensions (vertical) 650 x 900 x 360 mm (including glass)
Dimension (diagonal) 750 x 670 x 360 mm (including glass)
User manual RVO400 - eng Accesories - eng
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