Compact transilluninators
E2711 UV table, 312 nm, 15x15 cm
E2712 UV table, 254 nm, 15x15 cm
E2713 UV table, 365 nm, 15x15 cm
Standard transilluminators
E2721 UV table, 312 nm, 20x20 cm
E2722 UV table, 254 nm, 20x20 cm
E2723 UV table, 365 nm, 20x20 cm
E2731 UV table, 312 nm, 25x35 cm
E2732 UV table, 254 nm, 25x35 cm
E2733 UV table, 365 nm, 25x35 cm


Multiband transilluminators
E2724 UV table, 365/254 nm, 20x20 cm
E2725 UV table, 365/312 nm, 20x20 cm
E2726 UV table, 312/254 nm, 20x20 cm
Ultraviolet/White light transilluminators
E2727 UV/WL table, 312 nm/ white light, 2x(20x20) cm
E2728 UV/WL table, 254 nm/ white light, 2x(20x20) cm
E2729 UV/WL table, 365 nm/ white light, 2x(20x20) cm
White light transilluminator
E2730 WL table, white light, 20x35 cm


The bench-top UV transilluminator series offers the researcher uniform and intense sources of ultraviolet light (radiation) with a compact footprint. Their special design emits either one or dual intensity excitation UV wavelengths for back-illumination of transparent fluorescent materials.
254nm, 312nm, 365nm, 254 & 365nm, and 254 & 312nm modes are available for different applications. The 312nm mode is suggested for general gel operating.



254nm or 312nm or 365nm or 254/365nm or 254/312nm modes available
26 x 21 cm or 21x 21 cm view dimension
High intensity / low intensity switch for single wavelength wavelength modes
UV protection cover - Long life time filter

Video presentation



Unique exchangeable UV and white light drawer system
User can quickly change the drawers from UV to white or vice versa. 
Extra drawers are available so each researcher can have their own for maximum convenience.
21x26cm filter. 254, 312, 365 single and dual wavelength UV and white illumination available
Can be used standalone or integrated with the MiniBIS gel documentation system



Exchangeable UV and white light drawers
User can quickly change the drawers from UV to white light or vice versa. Loading and removing gel samples is quick and easy.
For white light procedures, users can choose between a white light drawer or a UV drawer and a converter.
Multiple users
Many researchers can use the same D-Transilluminator – there is no limitation to the number of separate UV and white light drawers that can be used with the system.
Each researcher can be supplied with a set of drawers.

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