TitroLine® is especially dedicated for these titrations:
Salt content in food (cheese, soy sauce, ketchup ...)
Total acid in wine and beverages
Total Kjedahl nitrogen
Acid level in bread and sourdough
Alkalinity (m-value)
Chloride in drinking water and waste water
Iodometric and other redox titrations


3 modes are available to choose from
End point (EP)
Self-searching equivalence point (Auto-EQ)
Manual titration with hand-sensor  (as TITRONIC® basic)

TitroLine Easy

The TITRONIC® universal unit not only allows you to perform dosing operations quickly and easily but also accomplishes manual titrating operations without difficulty. The burette can be used with all dosing liquids, solvents and titrants

TITRONIC Universal


Dosing and titrating - The adjustment of any dosing volume and the dosing speed is made simply by pressing a button. For incremental dosing operations, the entry of the volume and the waiting time between the volume increments can be adjusted just as easily and quickly. Operatiunile de titrare manuala sunt realizate prin titratorul manual TZ 3680, care cu incremente de 0,01 si 7 viteze de titrare poate realiza o faza de pretitrare pentru scurtarea timpului total de titrare

TitroLine® 6000 is with its spectrum of benefits the ideal entry into the potentiometric titration and the perfect choice for applications in the field of food, water/waste water and environmental analysis. Thanks to the high-resolution and precise pH/mV and “dead-stop” measuring interface is it possible to determine a wide range of parameters.

TitroLine® 6000-7000


Features of the TitroLine® 6000
High resolution pH/mV measuring interface and measuring input for temperature measurement
Measuring interface for polarisable electrodes (“dead-stop”)
Available standard methods such as FOS/TAC, alkalinity, total acidity in soft drinks
Linear and dynamic titration to equivalence point
Titrations to pH, mV and μA end point
Manual titrations and dosing tasks are also practicable

Now that GLP and ISO 900X have been adopted, the number of samples obtained is constantly rising.
The new TW alpha plus from SI Analytics will help you to meet these additional requirements. Our sample changer enables you to titrate in series with automatic sample changing.

TW Alpha Plus

  - extremely robust and long-lasting
- various sample plates from 12 - 24 positions for standard bechers acc. to DIN
- sample vessels from 50 - 400 ml
- sample plate for CSB vessels acc. to DIN with 24 positions
different titration heads
- connection for cleaning and suction pump
- Stirring from below with integrated magnetic stirrer (standard)
- Stirring from above via pole stirrer
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