Epoxy resin oven painted external case.
Adjustable rotation speed: 5-50 rpm
Adjustable inclination of the rotation axis.
Axis device allows the tube removing while the motor is turn on.
Rotor not included (see accessories below



DICG-12 15 tubes Ø 10-12 mm.
DICG-16 16 tubes Ø 13-16 mm.
DICG-20 12 tubes Ø 17-20 mm.
DICG-24 10 tubes Ø 21-24 mm

Mini-rotator Bio RS-24 provides vertical rotation of the platform. The rotator is an ideal instrument for preventing blood coagulation in tubes and for fulfilment of procedures of biological components extraction.
Rotator can be used in cold rooms or incubators, operating at ambient temperature range +4°C to +40°C. Low voltage external power  supply (12 V) provides electrical safety in humid environment.
PRS - series platforms are equipped with universal rubber clamps for different size tube fixation;
PRSC - series platforms have metal clamps able to hold heavier solutions (e.g. soil, sand)

Speed control range 5-30 RPM
Vertical rotation movement overhead, 360°
Digital time setting 1 min–24 hrs / non–stop
Maximum continuous operation time 8 hrs
Overall dimensions 325×190×155 mm

Bio RS-24

Programmable Rotator Multi Bio RS-24 performs several motion types in one module. Microprocessor control allows performing not only  Vertical rotation (1) of the platform, but also Reciprocal rotation (2) as well as Vibration (3). These three motion types can be performed separately, pairwise and in cycles, periodically repeating the sequence of three motion types.

Programmable Rotator can be used for variety of applications in modern life science laboratories: for hybridization reactions, cell growing, soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solutions, as well  as for reactions of binding and washing of magnetic particles.

Multi Bio RS-24

Vertical rotation speed control range 1-100 rpm (increment 1 rpm)
Vertical rotation movement overhead, 360°
Vertical rotation time setting range 0 - 250 sec
Reciprocal rotation speed control range 1–100 rpm (increment 1 rpm)
Reciprocal rotation tilt angle range 1° - 90° (increment 1°)
Reciprocal rotation time setting range 0 - 250 sec
Vibro rotation tilt angle range 0° - 5° (increment 1°)
Vibro rotation Pause / Vibro time setting range 0 - 5 sec


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