Modular designed
15 inch high definition color TFT display
Standard 6-parameter : ECG, HR, NIBP, SPO2, RESP, TEMP
EEG/PSG ETCO2 IBP module optional
Printer Optional (with or without printer)
13 kinds of Arrhythmia analysis
4-6 hours battery power supply
720 hours of trend data playback
1000 NIBP review
1000 alarm events review
100 arrhythmia review
1 hours of waves playback
Sound, light, voice alarm, volume adjustable
Wired connected to central monitor system

JR2000 (12.1 inch display) Multi-parameter
Patient Monitor

Six parameters: ECG, RESP,NIBP, SpO2,PR & TEMP
 Monitor, touch screen - 2.12.1 inch color TFT screen, OxyCRG Dynamic View display, Trend Coexist display and etc.
20 type Arrhythmic Analysis, Multi-Lead ECG
3Real time S_T segment analysis, pacemaker detection
15 type Drug calculation and titration table
SPO2 can testing for 0.1% Weak, high accuracy
Over-pressure NIBP protect for patients' safety
8.Anti-ESU, anti-defibrillator; RA-LL impedance Respiration
Up to 4 hours working time - rechargeable battery

Compact multi-parameter monitor TD 230i

Apply Clever-Inflation® NIBP technology for faster and more comfortable reading
Options for ear thermometer or oral, axillary and rectal thermometer
Choice to integrate with blood glucose meter
Allow to adapt with various pulse oximetry technology ( Nellcor*1, or TaiDoc based technology)
Barcode reader, IC card reader and thermal printer as optional accessories that allow faster patient data input and results output
Color TFT LCD with touch screen menu control

Compact multi-parameter monitor  VISIO  Patient Monitor

-Multi Parameter Patient Monitor
-12.1" color TFT LCD screen with maximum 8-waveform display
-Drug concentration calculation, ST segment detection, pace-maker analysis and arrhytmia analysis
-Display OxyCRG diagram, seven leads ECG waveform simultaneously and big character mode ( 5 customs display mode)
-Three-application mode: monitoring, diagnosis, operating.
-360 hours data storage
-WAN communication function to network with central monitoring system and make long-distance monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and software upgrade possible
-Intelligent audio and visual comprehensive alarm
-Suitable for adult, pediatrics, neonates


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