HB-1000 Hybridizer - Hybridization Oven
HB-1000 Hybridizer hybridization oven is designed to create the ideal environment for nucleic acid hybridization. The HB-1000 is an efficient work space ensuring thorough mixing at a set temperature.

Nucleic acid hybridization


Main Features
- Microprocessor temperature control (ambient to +10°C to 99.9°C)
- Variable speed control (10 to 15 RPM) of the carousel enables consistent saturation of samples, whether for washing or hybridizing
- Adjustable RPM knob lets you slow down the rotary wheel for removal of samples
- A large LED, which displays the current temperature inside the chamber, i- touch sensitive key pad for temperature control
- The rotary wheel can be removed and replaced with an interchangeable rocker plate enabling all hybridization protocols in one bench top unit
- Use multiple bottle sizes, arrangements and off-set bottle positioning
- Stainless steel internal construction can be cleaned easily
- Optional rocker plate allows use of various types of flasks

Hybridization oven “EH”
- Air forced circulation
-  Range temperatures: 30º C to 80º C.
-  Accuracy temperature: ±0,5%.
-  Safety according to EN-61010-1, EN-61010-2-010.

-  Metallic external case, epoxy painted.
-  Glass door with metallic frame and silicone gasket.
- Temperature regulation by microprocessor.
-  Safety thermostat Class 2
-  Temperature probe PT100 DIN
-  Rotor suitable for tour hybridization tubes

Hybridization Bambino II™
Models 230301 & 230301-2

Whether you are working with Northern Blots, Southern Blots, Microarrays or another application that requires incubation, you will find the Bambino™ Hybridization Oven is a perfect fit for the job. This unit is designed to provide rapid heat-up, excellent temperature stability and efficient mixing for all types of hybridization and incubation applications.
Boekel Scientific provides a full line of accessories for both the Bambino™ Hybridization Oven which make it possible to accommodate many different vessel sizes, types, quantities and orientations.


- Holds up to four 50 mL, six 15 mL or twelve 2.0/ 1.5 mL polypropylene conical centrifuge tubes
- Forced air convection delivers excellent uniformity
- Highly compact, yet offers the same features found in larger, more expensive units
- Tubes rotate within the chamber at an adjustable rate of 6 - 20 RPM
- A stainless steel heating chamber with sealed floor seam for easy cleaning and a clear acrylic lid
- Supplied with standard carousel
- 2 year warranty

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