GelMax® Imager
Simplify precast and mini gel imaging with the GelMax Imager! This small imager is perfect for small gels - image any precast or mini gels up to 11.5 x 16cm. Simply place the gel on the transillumination plate and capture brilliant color images. The streamlined software interface guides you through the image capture process with automated pre-set capture buttons. Or, have the option to define settings for quick, personalized image capture. Gel analysis is made easy with the user-friendly software. This small imager is truly plug and play, requiring no training. Main photo shows the GelMax Imager with Visi-Blue Plate.

GelMax® Imager


GelMax® Imager Specifications
Camera Color
Image Resolution 12 Mp
Transillumination Lighting Built-in 302nm UV
Plate size 11.5 x 16cm
10-minute shutoff timer
Interchangeable Sample Plates (optional) 365nm UV
460-470nm Visi-Blue
White Light
Black (included)
Emission Filter Wheel 5-position tray, rotary knob controlled; EtBr filter included; additional filters available
Software Acquisition and analysis
(compatible with Win 7, 8, XP, Vista)

Complete photo documentation system
Allows to save images on a USB key without the need of a computer
Can be used with any type of UV table
Gel visualisation on a large high resolution LCD screen
Highly sensitive CCD camera
12 bit imaging
Pixel saturation warning
Compact and robust darkroom
All necessary information to ensure optimum quality of your image
Supplied with free software


The E2052 is supplied with a complementary software to perform analysis such as molecular weight, band quantification, colony counting and distance calculation.
It also includes image enhancement features to enable editing of comments, inversion, contrast/brightness adjustment as well as colorimetry.
Designed by molecular biologists, our software is intuitive and very easy to use: just a few clicks are necessary to obtain sophisticated results.
Captures and stores the images in different formats (TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PICT, PCX, GIF, Targa,...).
Enables to add text or symbols in the images.
Rotates, mirrors or inverts images.
Allows to adjust brightness and contrast.
Automatically identifies bands and lanes.
Calculates the molecular weight for all the detected bands.
Calculates the volume, area and intensity of all the detected bands.
Allows to print results on a laser printer or ink jet printer.

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