Cabinets for acids
This special cabinet for safe and proper storage of aggressive fluids, ie acids and bases is divided into two separate sealed compartments.
A stable structure of the acid and base cabinet from epoxy coated, light-gray mild steel (outer) and highly resistant, melamine faced special material plates (in) ensures the highest quality, each with 2 fully extendable tabular with plastic drip trays for safe and comfortable handling of the containers are standard.
The closure of the doors against unauthorized access is provided by a semi-cylinder per door leaf. The acid and base cabinet are corrosion resistant, metal-free ventilation ducts, ventilation of both chambers separated by a connecting branch (NW 75) on top of the cabinet possible.


Cabinet for chemicals - General purpose
     Single wall construction
     Body made of quality steel sheet with high quality
     Powder coating RAL 7035 light gray
     Doors with central cylinder lock
     Ventilation openings in the door

  Exhaust connection for exhaust in cabinet roof or in the rear wall
     Insert trays, anti-tipping device, load capacity of 50 kg
     in grid 25 mm in height, collecting volume: 20 liters per tub
     Bottom tray (30 liters capacity) manufactured and tested according to § 19 WHG Steel Tray by Directive

Fire resistant cabinets
Safety storage cabinet flame impingement according to EN 1363-1
Fire resistance 30 minutes
Tested as Typ30 according to DIN EN 14470-1
Secure storage of flammable liquids with a low auto ignition temperature

Building materials / surface 
Cabinet corpus in grey (similar to RAL 7035 - micro pearl)
Surface is highly resistant to chemicals



Automatically closing door via hydraulically (oil) damped door closer and door check strap system (activation in case of fire)
Flammable safety cabinet door integrates with corpus when closed, lockable
3 tank bottoms, adjustable in height (grid size 32 mm), bearing capacity 75 kg
Tank bottoms with centered perforation, stable against tilting
Grounding to avoid risk of ignition through electrostatic charge
Base area in safety storage cabinet can be under run with jack lift by removing plinth panel
Ease of adjustment and leveling through adjustable supports
Aeration at the top of the cabinet (exhaust air nozzle NW 100)
Exhaust near ground level
Shutter release for supply and exhaust air through temperature monitoring

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