VITLAB® genius bottle-top dispensers are a family of instruments with proven precision that offer many advantages in routine liquid-handling operations.
VITLAB® genius instruments are suitable for a wide variety of applications, and can be used in practically any operation, since the materials that come into in contact with media (PTFE, PFA, FEP, borosilicate glass and platinum-iridium) are resistant to most acids, bases, and solvents.
VITLAB® genius is equipped with a positive displacement piston and a fluoroplastic (PFA) sealing lip on the cylinder wall. The latter acts like a windscreen wiper to prevent crystal build-up on the cylinder wall from readily crystallisable media. The glass cylinder is also coated with a plastic material that reduces the risk of splashes should breakage occur. The telescopic filling tube can be adjusted smoothly to different bottle heights.
The VITLAB® genius is completely autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285, and is certified compliant with DIN 12600.


A unique dispenser offering the best results in terms of accuracy and repeatability. It also ensures bubblefree dispensing.
Each unit is manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2000 quality system standards and is supplied with an individual calibration certificate.
Chemically resistant liquid pathway allows a wide range of liquids to be safely dispensed.
All the wet parts are fully autoclavable at 121°C, 2 bar.
Spring-loaded digital dispenser requires no priming, you just press to deliver and this dispenser refills itself.
Fitted with an anti-drip safety valve, which allows the fluid path to be turned off manually to prevent accidental delivery and to protect against drop flow when the dispenser is not in use.
Unlike other bottle-top dispensers, the glass barrel can be disassembled from the pedestal for thorough cleaning.
Auto-off function - dispenser will switch to 'sleep' mode after 3 minutes of inactivity.
Each dispenser comes with three adaptors to fit into most of the laboratory reagent bottles. Standard
30 mm neck fitting. Suplied with three adaptors - 38 mm, 40 mm and 45 mm.


Definitely the best choice to provide high precision with consistent delivery. Reliable measuring results with bubble-free dispensing.
Individually calibrated in accordance with ISO 8655 standards and each unit is supplied with an individual calibration certificate.
Highest degree of chemical resistance is provided due to the use of high quality materials which are in direct contact with dispensed liquids.
Springless PTFE valve manifold ensures excellent chemical compatibility and leak proof valve functioning reproducibility.
Specially designed PTFE piston with silicone O-ring ensures smooth, effortless piston movement.
Dosing cylinder is protected against breakage by a polypropylene sleeve which prevents any glass splitting in case of any accidental breaking.
Quick volume settings with the practical sets screw.
A specially designed, patented flexible delivery nozzle allows easy adjustment of the angle of the delivery without use of any specific tool. This adjustment allows the flexibility to dispence the liquid from the dispenser at any desired angled which suits any specific application.
Nozzle cap reduces contact with air and prevents drying. No drops fall off when the tip cover is attached.
Each dispenser comes with five adaptors of different sizes in order to fit in most of the laboratory reagent bottles
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