MDS-6G microwave digestion/extraction/synthesis system (nickname: SMART), a subversion of tradition, is a market-oriented practical compact microwave digester made by Sineo with its over 20 years' experience; It highlights the company's three major ideas of product design and also meets users' needs in "safety", "durability" and "convenience of operation."

·All-steel industrial grade chamber with corrosion resistance and ultra-long life;
·Ultra strength aerospace composite fiber digestion outer vessel;
·Exclusive patented multifunctional safety bolt design, instead of safety membrane and other consumables;
·Precise pressure control by piezoelectric crystal without cross-contamination problems


MDS-8G Closed Vessel Microwave Digestion/Extraction System is a microwave chemical sample preparation equipment with excellent performance and reliable quality which is manufactured by improving the original MDS-8 closed vessel microwave chemistry workstation with newest materials and production technique by Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Outer vessel made of super aerospace composite fiber material, which is only equipped for current international high-end microwave chemical apparatuses is applied in MDS-8G; it has light weight, durable performance and strong transverse impact-proof; it cannot have be cracked or broken under the action of explosion; its strength is higher than all other polymer engineering plastics and even steels. In this way, fusible, inflammable and explosive defects of polymeric plastic under high temperature and pressure are eliminated thoroughly and safety of operation is improved greatly. The MDS-8G high throughput microwave digestion/extraction system is applicable to microwave digestion, extraction, synthesis and many other application fields.


For almost 20 years, SINEO has been trusted by customers for its safety and reliability.  MDS-10 high throughput closed vessel microwave digestion/extraction/synthesis workstation applies the best materials and shows the breakthrough and transcendence in structural design and production technique. This workstation meets the need of batch processing of samples and raises safety and reaction control accuracy greatly.
Main Technical Parameters:
- 65 L industrial grade professional chamber, double magnetron microwave emission, with the highest microwave output power of 1800W; the operating power realizes automatic variable frequency control (VFC) and non-pulse continuous microwave heating via reaction temperature and pressure feedback.
-  The high pressure reaction vessel applies a fully closed anticorrosive super strength composite fiber outer vessel under the support of high strength frame structure and patented vertical explosion pressure relief technique, with max. sustained pressure of 15MPa (2250psi)and the highest sustained temperature of 300℃.
-  Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor controls and displays the internal pressure and pressure rise curve of reaction vessel in real time, with pressure control range of 0 to 10 MPa (1500psi) and control precision of 0.01MPa.
- High throughput reaction rotary table can bear up to 15 high pressure reaction vessels with the capacity of 100ml simultaneously, and a user may increase or decrease such vessels according to need.

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