Fast and high quality absorbance data
The Tecan Sunrise™ is a modular absorbance reader that guarantees fast results and high quality data. The modular design allows you to customize its configuration to exactly meet your requirements without spending extra on features that you don’t require.


Product highlights include:
Supports ELISA- & kinetics-, as well as agglutination reading
Selection of user interface: Netbook* or Touchscreen
Selection of eight languages for easy operation
3 year warranty as Tecan´s commitment to quality
Reads plate in only 6 sec. via advanced 12-channel optics
Powered by smart Magellan™ data analysis software
Quick access to your program favourite via start-screen
Advanced curve-fitting & plate-to-plate QC functions
IQ / OQ procedure & documentation
Designed to meet IVDD 98/79/EC & FDA´s 21 CFR part 11**


The multifunctional HydroFlex microplate washer offers far greater flexibility than a standard plate microplate washer, and features user-interchangeable plate carriers for easy switching between washing and filtration applications to allow:
ELISA washing for improved consistency and reliability
Gentle washing of cell-based assays with adherent or weakly adherent cells
Microplate array washing for protein and antibody arrays
Vacuum filtration to waste for PCR cleanup after DNA amplification, etc.
Magnetic bead washing using MBS carrier


HydroFlex features and benefits:
Compact and modular design, suitable for a range of applications and laboratories
Ready for automated washing of ELISAs, cells and protein arrays
Automated system for vacuum filtration to waste
Magnetic plate carrier for magnetic bead washing
Advanced online process controls for safety and reliability
Bubble sensor unit that ensures reliable buffer dispensing
Multipoint aspiration for flat bottom plates to achieve minimal residual volumes
Individual software control of speed settings and wash head positions
Suitable for integration onto Freedom EVO and Freedom EVOlyzer workstations
Excellent reliability and low service costs

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