Waterproof platform scales
Waterproof platform scales are designed to operate in humid conditions and direct contact with water.
The WPT/H series features LCD display and stainless steel weighing platform. All the elements of scale construction are made of stainless steel OH18N9.
The indicator PUE C/31H series is installed on a pillar. Optionally, the head is installed on a 3 meter-long cable for hanging it on a wall.


The WPT/H series is available with max capacity from 3 kg /1 g to 300 kg /100 g.
Scales WPT/H series are powered from mains, RS 232 comes as standard. On client request, the waterproof platform scales can be manufactured with upgraded antirust coating.

Scale WPT/H series is available in dual range (non-verified) version on surcharge.

Control scales WPW/T/H/FH
Control scales WPW/T/FH series are designed for fast controlling mass of a product that is batched directly on a manufacturing-filling technological line. The scale can operate as a separate weighing station, however its complete functionality is achieved by joining number of scales into a computer managed network supported by application E2R System offered by RADWAG.


The scale is dedicated mainly for fish and meat processing plants, requiring fast and reliable measurements combined with scale’s robust construction resistant to operating in harsh ambient conditions. Due to the specificity of major clients for whom the WPW/T/FH series is dedicated, the instrument’s construction is fully based on stainless steel components, with terminal's housing made of 0H18N9Z steel featuring a clear LCD display.

Multifunctional scales HTY
Multifunctional scales HTY/C series are designed to fast and precise determination of mass in industrial conditions.
All types of HTY/C scales feature mild steel powder coated construction with stainless steel weighing platform. The terminal PUE HY series features a 5,7” colorful touch screen display, membrane QWERTY keyboard and separate numeric and function keys.

The scale enable cooperating with an additional weighing platform. Additionally, the HTY/C series offers full functionality available in the terminal PUE HY series:
- programmable display and function keys,
- designing custom printout templates,
- designing text data indicated on terminal display.
Multifunctional scales HTY/C series are offered with a terminal connected to a weighing platform through a cable.

4 load cell stainless steel scale
Measurement with application of 4 load cells is a guarantee of precise mass reading, regardless of load positioning on the weighing platform.
The platform scales WPT/4H series are fully made of stainless steel profiles with stainless steel weighing platform. . The indicator features backlit LCD display and 5 function buttons.


The weighing platform and the indicator are connected through a 3 m long cable enabling hanging the indicator on a wall.
Scale is powered from mains, RS 232 comes as standard equipment.

All presented model :

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