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Spectroquant PICCO
Spectroquant® Picco colorimeters from Merck are known for their ergonomic design and ease of use. Merck is delighted to announce that two colorimeters in particular now offer users even greater convenience and flexibility: the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH and the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco COD/CSB.
Greater versatility and flexibility
Formerly known as the Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco Cl2/pH/O3, this new colorimeter Spectroquant® Colorimeter Picco Cl2/O3/ClO2/CyA/pH measures two more parameters: chlorine dioxide and cyanuric acid. Additionally the determination of chlorine is also now possible using liquid reagents.
Just one device monitors five basic water quality parameters for applications in the food and chemical industries, research and contract labs, and field and production analyses.

Spectroquant MULTY
The Spectroquant® Multy colorimeter is suitable for determination of all essential parameters of drinking water and waste water analysis. The rechargeable batteries, the integrated mains charger and the practical carrying case enable the instrument to be used anywhere, anytime.A connection port for an optional printer or PC makes it possible to transmit measurement data or to download new software updates

The Spectroquant® NOVA photometers offer outstanding features in photometry – high measurement quality coupled with simple handling and start-to-finish AQA. The outstanding feature of the Spectroquant® NOVA range of photometers is their high measurement quality coupled with simple handling and start-to-finish AQA. The instruments are compact, robust and – in the case of the 30A and 60A versions – mobile, too. A characteristic aspect of the NOVA series is the comfortable barcode reading system for cell and reagent tests, which means that you no longer need to manually enter data for the respective method. The instruments also automatically recognize the cell format being used and deliver the measurement results in a matter of seconds. They support consistent AQA, enhancing the integrity of your data and the reliability of your results.

Spectroquant® - Tests
Our Spectroquant®  test kits provide you the best choice in your operation. You can only benefit from the numerous advantages, such as validated and standard-compliant analysis reagents for your sense of security, automatic-recognition via the barcode system and a selection between cell and reagent tests. Furthermore, we offer you comprehensive documentation of the quality control for every test, and we keep all batch and quality certificates up-to-date on the Internet - you can download them from the “Related Documents” section of your product.
Validation provides security - Be on the safe side. With Merck Millipore!

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